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Welcome to the PictoBlox Family!

Thank you for downloading PictoBlox! You are just a few steps away from building awesome games, animation and projects using most intuitive drag and drop programming platform. Below are a few tutorials to help you get started with PictoBlox.

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Get Started with PictoBlox

Getting Started with PictoBlox

PictoBlox Software

Start programming with PictoBlox! Use sprites, stages, blocks, and more to make Tobi move.


PictoBlox Mobile Application

Use Mobile App to easily create games, animations, control robots, and program prototyping boards with a drag-and-drop interface.


Python in PictoBlox

Learn Python coding in PictoBlox to control sprites, stages and create awesome projects.


Object Detection (ML Envt.)

Learn to create custom object detection models in PictoBlox Machine Learning Environment for block coding.

Learning Resources for PictoBlox

Discover the amazing world of coding and robotics with series of easy-to-follow tutorials and videos that will have you up-and-running in no time!

Children coding with PictoBlox blocks, exploring facial recognition

Introduction to Programming

Learn coding basics and game development using graphical programming, covering concepts like sequence, loops, variables, arithmetic and logical operators, and conditional statements.


Introduction to Python

Learn Python fundamentals and game development in this course. Topics covered include algorithm, loops, sequencing, conditional statements, operators, list, and functions.


PictoBlox Extensions and Libraries

Learn how to use PictoBlox’s extensions, blocks, Python libraries, and functions by exploring their working and documentation.

ML Environment

Machine Learning Environment

Learn how to create your own machine learning models using the seven types of classifiers by exploring the working and documentation of the Machine Learning Environment.