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DIY Color-Sorter

DIY Color Sorter

This project will show you how to make a DIY color sorter using IR sensors and a servo motor.

New Variable Pictoblox

Variables in PictoBlox

How to create, change and manipulate a variable in PictoBlox? Make a sprite moving a program to change its position using the keyboard.
computer asking

Arithmatic Operators

How do operators work in PictoBlox? Different categories of operators? Example of Arithmetic Operators.

Draw shapes on evive Display

How to draw different shapes on evive TFT Display like rectangle, triangle, circle, lines, and ellipse. Assignment - Making a flag.
Beetle in a Maze

Beetle in the Maze

Make a game in which the Beetle is finding its way into the maze to get to the apple using evive navigation key.
Feeding Shark

The Hungry Shark Game

Make a game where the shark needs to eat as many fish as it can in limited time. Shark is controlled using evive’s potentiometer.
Space-Battle-Game on Scratch

Space Battle Game

Make a game to control the rocket using a Smartphone and shoot the enemy coming.

Shoot the Bat – Game

Learn game theory concepts like animation, randomness, score and time constraint in PictoBlox by making this game.
Dodge Scratch Game Cover Image

Dodge Game

Make a game where the kid jumps and slides to dodge the obstacles coming in his way.

Music Reactive RGB LED Strip

Make a music reactive RGB LED strip which will change the color according to the sound meter of the Smartphone.

DIY Smart LED Street Light

Make a Smart Street Light, in which, the LED light will glow when the light will go below a certain limit.
evive touch sensor2

Touch Based Piano

Make a touch-based piano using evive capacitive touch channels of evive and programming it in PictoBlox.
Joystick Controlled Robot

Joystick Controlled Robot

Make a joystick-controlled robot whose motion is controlled according to the position of a joystick module attached to the robot.

Gesture Controlled Robot

Make a mobile robot controlled using gestures of the smartphone using the Sensor module in Dabble app.
Gripper Control


Make a gripper using acrylic parts, a servo motor & evive, and program it using PictoBlox. 
Voice Controlled Light Bulb

Relay Module

Basics of the relay module, its working principle, and circuitry. Make a project to control the light bulb using evive and relay.

Touch Switchboard

Make a capacitive touch-based switchboard which controls the light bulb by touching fruits.
Soil MoistureSensor

Soil Moisture Sensor

Learn how to measure and monitor the soil moisture using evive and PictoBlox to keep plants healthy.
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