Robotics and AI Lab – Basic Version for ICSE School

The Robotics & AI Lab – Basic package has been curated to meet the needs of budget ISCE schools seeking to enhance their computer labs and provide an effective teaching structure for their Robotics and Artificial Intelligence course (Code – 66).

  • The package includes 15 Quarky Ultimate Kits, and 15 Quarky Explorer Kits with consumables, sensors, spares, activity robotics arenas, and decorative items.
  • This package has been specifically designed for classroom learning, offering the ability to engage up to 30 students at a time with AI and Robotics, providing coverage for a total of 200 students.
  • In addition to these materials, the package offers planned educator resources for AI & Robotics, lecture slides, activity sheets, assessment guides, a learning management system, and 200 student licenses.
  • Our package provides a 3-day Teacher Development Program with yearlong support to ensure a more engaging and rewarding learning experience for teachers and students.
  • Finally, it includes PictoBlox Premium Features, which is an ideal software for covering Python coding, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, the Internet of Things, and other essential AI and Robotics topics.

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Robotics & AI Lab - Basic Version for ICSE Schools Equipment List

Components of Quarky Ultimate Kit - Quarky Robot, line following arena, AI recognition card, paper creatives and many more for hands-on learning.

15 x Quarky Ultimate Kit

Our AI and Robotics Companion for Kids offers over 50 projects and 10+ robotics configurations that empower children to confidently and curiously explore AI, robotics, and coding. The portable Quarky device features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a powerful microcontroller board with protection features.

Suitable for 2-3 students, this kit is perfect for group learning and classroom settings. With AI recognition cards and practice arenas included, it is a comprehensive tool for parents and educators.

Electonics Kits

The basic lab has special kits that students can use to learn about electronics.

Electronics Kit

15 x Quarky Electronics Addon Kit

The kit teaches about electronics and different components such as capacitors, resistors, transistors, LEDs, switches, and potentiometers.

Arduino Uno

15 x Arduino Uno

Open Source microcontroller for making DIY kits.

Robotics and AI Prime Lab Consumables

The Robotics & AI Prime Lab contains all the spares and consumables needed to run robotics activities for up to 600 students, making running activities easier and more efficient than ever before.

10 x USB C Cable

Humidity and Temperature Sensor – Quarky IoT House Component

10 x Temperature and Humidity DHT11

Flame Sensor – Quarky IoT House Component

10 x Flame Sensor

10 x Vibration Motor

2 x Screw Driver Set

1 x Soldering Kit

10 x AI & Robotics Wooden Arena

5 x Posters

Three STEMpedia textbooks for students in grades 3, 6, and 9, covering AI, coding, and robotics.

Certified Curriculum & Resources

We offer a specialized robotics and AI curriculum created by IIT alumni with a project-based learning approach to teach 21st-century skills. Our program includes textbooks, activity workbooks, and a learning management system to track progress. Our syllabus is aligned with ICSE subject code 66 and is being used by 100+ schools.


Three Days of Teacher Development Program

Our program provides faculty with offline AI training sessions for 3 days in school to help upskill computer science teachers, STEM faculty, and school IT staff. These comprehensive training sessions will equip teachers with the knowledge they need to transform schools with artificial intelligence. After the TDP, teachers will receive weekly online counseling, mentoring, and assistance from the AI master trainers to ensure that the lab runs efficiently.

PictoBlox Python for kids to learn Python in a fun and interactive way.

PictoBlox Software License

PictoBlox software is available to all students and teachers. It’s a programming software that lets students program robots and explore new knowledge. PictoBlox software provides learning opportunities for Python coding (suitable for grades 7-12), machine learning and artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, physical computing, and self-driving technology.

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