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Codeavour 2021 International – Topmost AI and Coding Competition for Kids

Kids and Robots
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Technological advancement is at its peak. Every sphere of life is being equipped with high-tech AI, ML and coding based concepts like voice & face recognising robots, automatic AI technologies like Alexa, Siri & Face IDs as they are lessening work engagement and providing time-efficient outcomes in a very personalised manner. These changes explicit that AI & coding will be the two of most important and most demanded 21st-century skills. Therefore, learning these futuristic technologies at a young age becomes the need of the hour. 

Learning these 21st-century skills may seem complex and boring to kids. But what if we mix this mandatory learning with young age joyous enthusiasm i.e. learning AI & coding with wonderful projects, programmable robots, premium courses and workshops, and much more, making your kid’s AI & coding learning journey a lot more interesting?

This is happening for real! Yes, you heard it right. STEMpedia is bringing you Codeavour 2021 International – the biggest AI & Coding competition for kids. Offering your kids to create AI projects with Pictoblox, a Scratch 3.0-based programming software with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop functionality enabling you to create projects, program robots and much more. Register your kid for Codeavour 2021 International and avail this wonderful learning opportunity for your kid.

AI & Coding Learning Resources for Kids

The versatility of AI & coding in every big and small domain of life like navigating, communicating, customer care services, manufacturing, etc gives a clear picture that they are two of the most important skills required to excel in the tech-led future and to stand out to rule it. The most favourable way to cope up is to start early. Preparing to become a market leader in an AI-based future should start from a very young age. 

Gearing up kids with the right resources plays a major role in this preparation. But being the right resource doesn’t only involve giving knowledge; the way it is presented also matters. If seen from a kid’s perspective it must be joyous, interactive, have a hands-on practical approach and avoid boredom. These traits build up to be a smart way for kids to learn these skills and construct their own innovations.

This makes Codeavour 2021 International the most wonderful opportunity for kids to learn AI & coding with exciting projects, super cool robots and interactive courses. 

About Codeavour 2021 International

Codeavour 2021 International

STEMpedia annually hosts Codeavour, an international online AI & coding competition for kids to code with Pictoblox and bring out their inner innovators to solve real-world problems. With a glorious past in 2019 and 2020, engaging 50000+ students from 90+ countries, Codeavour is a huge success.

Codeavour 2021 International empowers kids to explore the exciting world of AI & coding and develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication—the four Cs of 21st-century skills.

Codeavour 2021 International has the following 6 themes:

  • Strengthen the Health Infrastructure
  • Automate the Surroundings
  • Make Smart Transportation System
  • Entertain the World
  • Save the Environment
  • Explore the Outer World

Participants of Codeavour 2021 International get to immerse themselves in hi-tech AI concepts like voice recognition, automated driving, in a healthy competitive environment, empowering them to get out of their comfort zone and present innovative solutions to solve real world problems.

They get an amazing opportunity to code with PictoBlox, a Scratch 3.0-based programming software, enabling them to create animations, interesting games, wondrous projects like self-driving cars, AI-based Home Automation, and much more. code and control robots. Also includes advanced tools and Python-based interface for those who want to expertise in the field of coding.

Prizes in Codeavour 2021 International

This awesome AI and Coding competition is intended for students ranging from 7 to 18 years of age. Winners of each age group will receive exciting prizes like laptops, tablets, AI, robotics & STEM kits and Hero geared cycles all of which sum up to more than 80 prizes worth $15000!

Participating in Codeavour 2021 International would also – 

  • Get you a Certificate accredited by STEMpedia and
  • Make your AI learning journey more interactive with 5 days AI and coding bootcamps.
  • Resolve your AI & Coding related doubts with weekly doubt sessions.
  • Open you up to real-world problems and provide you an opportunity to come up with solutions for them through your innovations.
  • Give you an opportunity to work as a team and learn collaboration.
  • Brush up your creative and critical thinking abilities.
  • Give you an experience of participating in a global competition and interacting with people from all over the globe.

In a Nutshell

Reading through the above sections might have made you more clear why an online coding competition is a great choice for your kids to learn AI & Coding and why Codeavour 2021 International is the right fit for this purpose. Codeavour 2021 International wouldn’t just give your kid an opportunity to learn and code but also become a problem solver and an active contributor in solving real-life problems of the globe.

So, make a move and register your kid for Codeavour 2021 International and add wings to their AI learning journey.

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