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Future of AI Education in the World

Future of AI Education in the World
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Artificial Intelligence has made a huge impact on the world and the way it functions within the short time that it has existed till now. From virtual assistants who manage our day for us, to self-driving cars and even face recognition screen locks, everything has been touched by AI. Given the importance of AI in today’s world, we can agree that the future will be completely dependent on such technologies. This makes AI education in the world a very important part of every individual’s educational journey. 

In the last blog, ‘Importance of AI in Early Education for Kids’, we talked about the importance and future of AI for kids. In this blog we will discuss the future of AI in education and what future possibilities of AI can be expected in the not so distant future. 

The Journey of AI so Far 

The beginning of AI can be traced back to 1956 when the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was officially coined at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. Though AI research began in the early 1950s, it started making a profound impact on everyday life only near the turn of the millennium. Virtual assistants, biometric sensors and automated machines became a ‘thing’. 

The past few decades have been completely ruled by artificial intelligence and other related technologies like robotics, IoT, automation and programming. Today every walk of life is incomplete without the aid of artificial intelligence, be that of students, teachers, researchers, engineers, doctors, service professionals, etc. Simply observing our everyday lives will explain the significance of AI in today’s world

Impact of AI on The World

Importance of AI in today's world

To say that artificial intelligence has impacted the world would be an understatement. The importance of AI in today’s world is indisputable. It has changed the way we do everything in our personal as well as professional lives. Our bedtime routine, number of steps walked, live notifications of the latest updates, office communications and almost anything else you can think of is now handled virtually through AI. Getting through even a single day without the aid of AI seems like a nightmare for most of us. 

While this holds true for most, the impact of AI in different parts of the world has been different and during different times. Let us look at each one of these major geographical chunks and determine the different patterns of AI in these places through the decades. 

North America & Europe

AI in education in developed nations

North American and European countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Germany and France are known to be very advanced countries, whether we’re talking about healthcare, research or even IT fields. The same holds true for AI and upcoming technologies. 

These developed nations set the path for the next two decades for the rest of the countries in the world who follow in their footsteps. AI in the USA was introduced much earlier than in any other country in the world. Only after it became a part of their everyday lives did AI make an entry into the lives of people living in other places. The same goes for AI in education in developed nations like the USA. 

AI crossed the pond to make an impact on European countries next. The difference in lifestyle including minor changes in the accent, everything was incorporated into this virtual reality to make it seem as human as possible. The future of AI for kids also impacted the lifestyles of infants and teens growing up in these places. A teen gliding on a hoverboard asking the virtual assistant on the phone for directions became the new normal in these countries as compared to the rest of the world where children would still run around playing and fall down to skin their knees. 

Ensure that your child gets sufficient exposure to such futuristic technologies like AI with the help of hands-on experiences using AI kits for kids like Quarky. Sign up today to avail special offers on this AI kit coming soon! 

Africa & Middle East

AI in education in under-developed nations

While Africa is lagging a little behind the world as a continent overall, the Middle East is thriving due to the precious oil reserves found there. Despite the stark contrast in the economic situation of the two countries, AI has managed to creep into the everyday lives of both. 

With Middle Eastern countries like the UAE being the trading hubs where businesspeople from all over the world travel to, AI has taken a firm hold on overall interactions. A variety of people coming from different walks of life have integrated their dependence on AI into the culture found in these countries. 

Coming to the African continent, economic struggles are very common and while everyone cannot afford futuristic gadgets with advanced technologies like AI, a change can surely be seen happening. AI in Africa is slowly but surely starting to take over the industrial as well as educational sectors in African countries. Children are quickly turning to more hands-on concepts with great vigour and STEM education in Africa is gaining momentum. AI might just hold the solution to all of the socio-economic problems plaguing Africa. This explains why AI in education in under-developed nations is of utmost importance. 

Asia Pacific 

The Asia Pacific region is also progressing fast, following in the footsteps of North America & Europe. In the past decade, AI has integrated itself into the everyday lives of the people living in this area. From resorts in the Maldives and manufacturing units in China to the MNC boardrooms in India and the defence system of Russia, AI can be found everywhere. 

We all know how useful AI is in our everyday lives; this fact has been stressed over time and again. But moving on to specific industries we see that AI has completely transformed the education sector. With interactive learning modules, voice and face recognition systems, classrooms no longer conform to their traditional meaning. The benefits of incorporating AI in education in developing nations like India are evident.  The boom in the AI sector is apparent in the fact that nearly 6% of the companies native to the Asia Pacific region are AI world leaders. Their core business processes are completely automated, maximising their benefits and minimising their loss. These corporate sector functionalities add to the importance of AI in today’s world

Most of these thriving examples can be found in India alone. Our socioeconomic status is catching up quickly with that of the developed nations due to the common availability of futuristic technologies like AI. 

The Rest of The World – South America & Oceania 

In terms of AI, Latin America is not far behind. AI is becoming a reality in these South American countries at a fast pace. The future of AI looks extremely promising in South America and Oceania. According to studies, it is predicted that these countries will witness a boom in their GDPs by a whole percentage point in the next 15 years due to the incorporation of AI and automated systems in every walk of life. These research-based future predictions once again explain the significance of AI in today’s world and the impact that AI education in the world will have on the future. 

Future Possibilities of AI

future possibilities of AI

The future possibilities of AI are limitless and the impact it will have on the world looks promising. Anything futuristic that we ever imagined, does not sound right out of a fairytale anymore; it is reality or turning into one rapidly. 

Flying automated vehicles, virtual assistants who are a constant companion and know more about you than you yourself or even face recognition and security systems all around the world – these things are no longer fables. The future is manifesting itself all around us and we humans are bearing witness to this change. 

With unexpected things to expect from the future, AI education in the world is the only way to ensure that children will be able to keep up with the changing times. The future of AI education in the world looks promising. Equip children with these much needed future skills and teach kids AI with the best online AI course

Hands-on experiences are essential when it comes to concepts like AI. Let your children explore with the help of AI kits for kids like Quarky, which is coming soon. 

Future Possibilities of AI in India 

AI education in India has progressed a lot in the last decade. Schools, colleges and other educational institutions are adopting AI practices in their curriculum as well as management systems. Extracurricular activities for children in this field have become very prevalent and are encouraged wholeheartedly by parents and teachers alike. Check out our range of STEM resources which provide children with the perfect opportunity to experiment and learn. 

The future of AI education in India certainly look promising. Being an industrial as well as an IT leader in the world, the scope of further implementation of AI and its techniques are huge in India. Every field is now adopting AI norms and reaping the benefits as all processes become smoother and more efficient. 

In A Nutshell 

Since the inception of AI, a revolutionary storm has been raging the world. It has the capacity to completely transform everyday life as we know it. From keeping a track of everything we do all day to managing all automated systems in big industries, the presence of AI can be felt everywhere. The importance of AI in today’s world is evident. 

Judging by the current scenario, we can agree that the future possibilities of AI in the future are immense. But, in order to truly unlock its full potential, it is imperative that AI education in the world is encouraged. Children are the future of the world and to prepare them for living in a world ruled by AI, we need to provide them with the right knowledge and skills. 

To know more about how you can make sure that your children get the best resources, check out our online AI courses for kids especially curated for younger age groups. Sign up today for the Quarky AI kit coming soon and allow your children to explore AI concepts freely! 

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