Codeavour International AI Robo City Challenge Arena Fence Kit


Codeavour 5.0 Arena Fence Kit – the essential accessory for perfecting your game strategy within the Codeavour 5.0 AI Robo City arena. 

  • Custom Foam Pieces: Beautifully crafted. The Codeavour 5.0 Arena Fence Kit includes specially designed foam pieces that guards the AI Robo City arena. These foam pieces are not only durable but also lightweight and sturdy.
  • Create Boundaries: With this kit, you have the power to enclose your arena and define the playing field. Establish clear boundaries to enhance the strategic aspects of your challenges.
  • Pit Area Marking: The kit comes equipped with special taps that serve multiple purposes. Use them to mark the Pit Area, a critical element in the AI Robo City Challenge. These taps also help secure the arena in place, preventing any unintended movements during intense coding sessions.

Note: This kit includes foam pieces, special taps, and everything you need to configure your AI Robo City arena to your specifications.

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