Quarky Robotics Creator Kit for Codeavour 5.0 International


All-in-one Creator’s Kit to Ace Your Strategy

  • Create a Powerful Competitive Robot: Using the Quarky robotics creator kit, you can create and customize your robot with powerful mechanisms and linkages as per your requirements.
  • Master Line-Following Robotics: Take your engineering skills to the next level by constructing a high-performance line-following robot using high-speed motors included in Quarky Creator’s Kit.
  • Precision Through Sensors: Enhance your robot’s capabilities and versatility with sensors included in the Quarky Creator’s Kit. Multiple infrared sensors enable your robot to execute diverse tasks with accuracy.
  • Tailor-Made for Gaming Success: Elevate your gaming tactics with specially designed practice objects that challenge your robot’s abilities. 
  • Affix Your Quarky Anywhere on the Robot: Enjoy unparalleled flexibility by securely attaching your Quarky module anywhere on your robot. This versatility ensures that your Quarky is perfectly positioned to meet the demands of your gaming tactics.
  • Craft Mechanisms with Servo Motors: Dive headfirst into the world of robotics by creating your own intricate mechanisms powered by versatile servo motors. With these motors at your disposal, you can design and build agile, precision-driven robots that are ready to take on any challenge.

Note: This kit includes servo motors, sensors, practice objects, a Motor Adaptor Plate, and everything you need to create, customize, and position your Quarky for the challenge.

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What's Inside the Kit?

Cube Face 3

4 x Cube P1 4 x Servo Cross 7-7

MDF Cube Face 2

4 x Cube P2

8 x Plate 2-2

MDF Plate

4 x Strip 1-13

55 x Spacers

1 x Quarky Mount

4 x Servo Cross 5-5

4 x Servo Cross 7-7

Cube Face 4

4 x Cube P3

MDF Plate 3 Creator Kit

2 x Plate 7-15

6 x Strip 1-9

4 x Strip 1-5

8 x Motor Mount

Servo-Attachment MDF Image

4 x Servo Mount

4 x Cross Plate 3-3

8 x T Plate 3-3

2 x Plate 7-11

4 x Plate 7-4

4 x Strip 1-3

4 x Strip 1-2

4 x Servo Strip 1-4

4 x Servo Strip 1-5

6 x 90° Strip 3-3

7 x 45° Strip 3-2

Bolt – Quarky Mars Rover Component List


6 X M2 Bolt (6mm)
10 X M2 Bolt (12mm)
5 X M2.5 Bolt (8mm)
20 X M3 Bolt (8mm)
20 X M3 Bolt (12mm)
10 X M3 Bolt (20mm)
10 X M3 Bolt (25mm)

Battery – Quarky Mars Rover Component List

1 x Battery

IR Sensor Image

5 x IR Sensor

Motor – Quarky Mars Rover Component List

4 x High Speed Motor

Motor Braket – Quarky Mars Rover Component List

4 x Motor Bracket

Junction Wire Image

2 x Motor Junction Connector

Nuts – Quarky Mars Rover Component List

20 x M2 Nut
5 x M2.5 Nut
40 x M3 Nut

Washer Image

15 x M3 Washer

Locknut Image

15 x M3 Locknut

M3 Spacer

8 x M3 Spacer (20mm)

Standoff Image

5 x M2 Standoff (30mm)

Wheel – Quarky Mars Rover Component List

4 x Wheel

Castor Wheel Image

2 x Caster Wheel

Servo Motor – Quarky Mars Rover Component List

2 x 180° Servo Motor

Jumper Wire Image

20 x Jumper Wires Each

Codeavour Creator Kits Stickers


M3 MDF Spanner Creator Kit

2 x M3 Spanner

Screwdriver – Quarky Humanoid Component List

1 x Screw Driver

1-1 Angle

12 x Angle1-1

Rubber Band – Quarky IoT House Component

5 x Rubber Band
10 x Cable Tie

Cable Tie Image

10 x Cable Tie

Quarky Expansion Board – Quarky Mars Rover Component List

1 x Quarky Expansion Board

Expansion Connectors

1 x 3 Expansion Connectors