Codeavour International Arena Objects Kit


Codeavour 5.0 Arena Objects Kit – your comprehensive practice object kit for mastering the Codeavour 5.0 AI Robo City Challenge

  • Complete Arena Accessories: The Codeavour 5.0 Arena Objects Kit includes all the essential components you need to engage in a wide range of activities within the AI Robo City Challenge arena. With 13 (+2 spare) distinct kinds of cubes and other props, you’ll have everything required to unleash your creativity and coding prowess.
  • Specialized AI Cubes: Elevate your coding experience with our specially designed AI (Object detection) cubes. These cubes are tailored for AI activities, opening up a world of possibilities for interactive and artificial intelligence strategies.
  • Camera Mount: Perform AI activities hands-free. The Codeavour 5.0 Arena Objects Kit includes a camera mount that allows you to securely install a camera on the arena. (camera is not included) 
  • Elevate Your Coding Game: Whether you’re a student, educator, or passionate coder, this kit empowers you to explore, innovate, and excel in the AI Robo City Challenge.

Note: This kit includes all the essential components required for a comprehensive AI Robo City Challenge experience.

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