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AI in Education: Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India

Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India
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For any country, its youth is the most important and promising section of its population. Being a country with the highest youth population in the world, India has a greater advantage over other nations to becoming a global leader given that we tap into the youth’s potential efficiently. And the only way to do that is quality education. With the scope of artificial intelligence in India increasing, it is the right time for implementing AI in education to leverage its benefits and make the youth AI-ready for the future.

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Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India

Impact of AI in India

The scope of artificial intelligence in India is huge. AI technology in India has the potential to make the country a global leader in artificial intelligence. One can find effective applications of AI technology in India in almost every sector – agriculture, healthcare, education, infrastructure, transportation, retail, manufacturing, and whatnot.

According to a 2018 discussion paper by NITI Aayog, the think tank of India, AI has the potential to add USD 1 trillion to the Indian economy by 2035. The paper states that AI technology in India has the potential “to overcome the physical limitations of capital and labour, and open up new sources of value and growth.” How? AI technology in India has the ability to automate both complex and mundane tasks that can, in turn, result in optimal utilization of human resources by enabling them to concentrate their efforts in places where they add the most value thus improving their overall efficiency.

We must leverage AI for development in areas such as agriculture, healthcare, education, and innovation.

– Hon’ble Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

Of all the different areas in which the scope of artificial intelligence in India is promising, there are a few sectors in which the impact of AI in India is considered to yield major benefits, education, health, agriculture, infrastructure, and transportation being the ones under focus. In the following section, we’re going to look at the impact of AI in India in one of these sectors, namely education.

Impact of AI on Education in India

As mentioned in the beginning, youth is the most important section of the population of any country. And quality education plays an important role in making it capable of steering the country towards a better future. With the scope of artificial intelligence in India increasing by the day, the education sector needs to update its strategies by taking into account the impact of AI on education in India and how it can help today’s young minds become able leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

In one of our previous articles on artificial intelligence in education, we’ve listed several advantages of AI applications in education that are a testimony to the fact that the impact of AI on education is definitely one that we cannot ignore.

To make India AI-ready, her youth needs to be AI-ready first. Initiatives such as Atal Innovation Mission’s ATL AI-Base Module, planetcode, the launch INDIAai as the “central hub for everything AI in India and beyond”, and CBSE’s efforts to introduce AI in schools are some of the many commendable and much-needed steps towards implementing AI education in India and preparing the youth ready for an AI future.

Artificial intelligence in education in India is also going to play an important role in achieving the targets that the country has set to achieve by 2030, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals. One of these targets is to substantially increase the number of qualified teachers. As this article states, AI in education can help increase the efficiency of our teachers through various AI applications such as real-time text to speech and text translation systems, automating mundane and repetitive tasks such as taking attendance, automating grading, personalizing the learning journey based on experience, skill, and understanding, etc.

We at STEMpedia also believe that the scope of artificial intelligence in India is great and harness its potential to the fullest, AI education in India needs to be implemented on a national scale. To do our bit in implementing AI education in India and prepare the youth for an AI future, we’ve developed India’s first interactive AI education platform, PictoBlox AI, to provide a fulfilling project-based learning experience through its artificial intelligence and machine learning tools integrated into a graphical programming interface. Designed with generation Z in mind, it comes with learning resources like tutorials, guided projects, and a tutor-led online AI course.

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In a Nutshell

To make India a 5 trillion economy, we need to harness her creative potential to create an innovation-led growth model to help transform our nation into a new India. And artificial intelligence is going to play a major in helping us achieve this. The impact of AI in India is greater than one can see or imagine and it is only going to increase with time and the youth needs to be prepared for it. Implementing AI education in India is the key to making them AI-ready and ensuring that India becomes a global AI leader.

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