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Halloween STEM Activities: DIY Halloween Decorations for Kids to Make in 2019

Halloween STEM activities
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As the Spooktober comes to an eerie end, the pumpkin eyes are starting to burn with the sinister flames. Children are roaming around the fantasyland, planning their room decorations while the parents are nervously nodding and smiling and hoping to the spooky pumpkins that they can make their kids happy with the real-life resources. Much to the parents’ relief, we bring to you a chronicle of DIY Halloween decorations for kids! To put a cherry on top, these Halloween projects for kids will be totally STEM-related! Not only your children will get their holiday decorations, but they will also learn valuable concepts of creativity and innovation along the way! Let’s dive into the (thoroughly researched) sea of Halloween STEM activities!

  • Halloween Town

Halloween decorations

If you’re going creepy, why stop at one project! Build a whole town out of spooky Halloween decorations! STEMpedia brings to you cheap Halloween projects that you can make using only a few things like a bulb, bulb holder, cardboard and the evive Starter kit! If rotating skulls, creepy ghosts and dripping brains are your things, come aboard the blood-curdling train! STEMpedia’s Halloween Town is made up of many sub-projects that will help you make unique Halloween decorations! 

  • Glowing Jello

Halloween STEM activities
Image: STEAM Powered Family

One most important thing about any festival? Food. Spook up your holidays with jiggling jello that will have your kids approaching cautiously. All it takes to make this super yummy Halloween decoration is tonic water, sugar, and cold water! Use this homemade DIY Halloween decoration to attract your children (and probably the moths, too) for a spooooky surprise!

  • Dissolving Candy

STEM projects for kids
Image: Lemon Lime Adventures

Here is a little Halloween project for kids! What are pumpkin candies made of? Try out this experiment to get some direction. Take water, milk, vinegar, and oil in separate jars and ask your children to guess whether the pumpkin candy will float or down. Then ask them to assume what reaction the candies will have to each liquid. Make your holiday interesting with this Halloween STEM activity!

  • Screaming Ghost!

STEM projects for kids
Image: Preschool Powol Packets

Imagine roaming around in your Halloween town and you hear faint screaming. Being the curious mind that you are, you go ahead and check it. And POP! It was a balloon that was somehow screaming and then burst to provide you with the best jumpscare! Yes, you’ve heard it right. With only a couple of things, you can make a balloon scream! This Halloween project for kids is so easy that even kindergarten students can do it. All you need is a balloon, small hex nut, a marker to make the ghost “eyes” and a tiny fan to keep the balloon screaming. Just wiggle down the hex nut into the balloon, blow it up and make it spooky using your art skill. After that, all you have to do is swirl the hex nut that’s inside the balloon to make it sound like it’s screaming! Easy pease lemon squeezy, eh?

  • Puking Pumpkin

Halloween STEM activities
Image: STEAM Powered Family

If you’re such a fan of Halloween as to get yourself an actual pumpkin, why not make it puke? Really, the STEM idea pool is filled with the craziest and the most amazing ideas! Disclaimer, this may create a little mess so experiment with this Halloween project in a place where it won’t be a big bother. Making a volcano out of baking soda and vinegar is nothing new. We’re just doing it here with a bit of color and, well, inside of a pumpkin. Here are the full directions for this Halloween STEM activities.

  • Floating Pumpkin

DIY Halloween decorations
Image: Left Brain Craft Brain

If your child is just old enough to introduce motors and circuits to, this Halloween could be the perfect time to blow that kid’s mind! This DIY Halloween STEM activity for kids is very easy to enjoy but requires a little advanced brain to create. With the help of a styrofoam pumpkin, a motor and coin cell batteries, you can make your little pumpkin move around the house! Now if that is not the perfect spooky Halloween decoration then I don’t know what is.

  • Spider Webs

DIY Halloween decorations 2019
Image: Pinterest

Spider webs scream creepy. With rotating skulls, floating and puking pumpkins, and screaming balloons – spider webs could be the one thing that you need to make your Halloween town look ghastly enough. Just by using yarn, glue, wax paper, paper/pencil/ruler, tape and a bowl you can make one of the best Halloween projects! These kinds of homemade Halloween decorations for kids are the essence of the eerie spirit of the festival!

In a Nutshell

As the Spooktober end is round the corner, STEMpedia brings to you a chronicle of unique DIY Halloween decorations for kids. With Halloween town, glowing jello, dissolving candies, floating spooky heads, screaming ghosts, puking pumpkins, and spider webs, we welcome the spirit(s) that are roaming above our heads with simple but creepy Halloween projects for kids! Ready, set, boo!

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