PictoBlox Release Notes

PictoBlox V2.0.0 (Current Version)

Release Date - March 18, 2020

New Features:

  1. Guide tour added to let new users learn how to make a script in PictoBlox.
    1. The tour automatically starts up when PictoBlox is opened. Users can skip the tour at any point and start making their own creations. 
    2. If the user wants to open the tour you can click on Setting and select Take a Tour, to start the tour.
      Take a Tour
  2. Added Adafruit IO Cloud and HTTP API Requests support in the Internet of Things (IoT) extension for evive, ESP32 and T Watch board. 
  3. Block disabling for unsupported blocks. Now users can switch between different boards without opening a new file. If the extension used in the previous board is not supported in the current board, then the block will get disabled. Once disabled the block cannot be used. 

    Block Disabled

    IoT and display block disabled when the board is switched to Arduino Uno.
  4. Added Neural Network extension for evive. Using this extension you can program evive to make neural network-based models. Two examples are also added: 
    1. Making a neural network model train computer to learn OR truth table.
    2. Making a neural network-based solar tracker that takes light intensity input from 2 sensors and changes the position of the solar panel accordingly. 
  5. Added set Red () Green () Blue block in Lighting extension to output the color according to the specified red, green, and blue value. This block will also allow the users to set a pattern based on RGB value variation using variables. RGB Block
  6. Users can now create variables having numbers and string data-type. This will allow users to do string operations on variables in upload mode. 
    VariableExample: If you are storing the switch state in a variable and then turn on the light when switch state is "ON", then you have to define the variable as the string data type.  
    Switch State Example
  7. Added a new data type to make custom block arguments. Now, you can choose the argument of a custom block to be a Number, Text or Boolean. This will allow the user to pass a number or a string separately as an argument in the Upload Mode.
    Make a Block
  8. Real-time communication with hardware in Stage Mode using Bluetooth: User can now connect Bluetooth Classic and BLE devices in PictoBlox and communication to the device in realtime for evive, Arduino Uno, Mega, Nano, and T Watch boards.
    To connect to the Bluetooth device, click on Connect, select the Bluetooth tab and connect to the Bluetooth module from the list. Note: You have to make sure that your computer/laptop has Bluetooth support in it and it is turned ON while connecting to the module. 
  9. Language translation support for evive, Arduino, ESP32 and T Watch board for the following language:
    1. Chinese
    2. Japanese
    3. Kannad


  1. Beautification of the code generated in the Upload Mode.
    Beautified Code
  2. General bugs fixed & system improvements.
PictoBlox V1.0.8

Release Date - July 14, 2019


  1. Updated Dabble library for Arduino Boards and ESP32.
PictoBlox V1.0.7

Release Date - July 9, 2019

New features:

  1. Added support for new actuators and sensors for evive, Arduino Mega, Uno, and Nano:
    1. Stepper Motor using A4988 Driver
    2. 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor
    3. IMU Sensor - MPU6050
  2. Added extensions for evive, Arduino Mega, Uno, and Nano:
    1. Humanoid Robot
    2. Robotic Arm (4-axis)
  3. Enabled hardware control in stage mode via Bluetooth. Now evive, Arduino Uno, Mega, and Nano can interact with PictoBlox using Bluetooth.
  4. Added compatibility with ESP32 board (Currently works only in Upload Mode). Now you can program the ESP32 board using the following extensions:
    1. ESP32 basic functions
    2. Actuators
    3. Sensors
    4. Dabble
    5. Lightning
    6. Communication
    7. IoT


  1. Added examples for Arduino Uno and ESP32 board. 
  2. GUI changed for board connection via USB cable and Bluetooth module
  3. General bugs fixed & system improvements.
PictoBlox V1.0.6

Release Date - May 14, 2019


  1. WebGL issue resolved.
  2. Added Redo and Undo buttons
  3. GUI Changed for Upload/Stage mode button and Save icon.
  4. Added new Sprites and Backgrounds.
  5. Implemented automatic Arduino driver installation while software installation.
  6. General bugs fixed & system improvements.
PictoBlox V1.0.5

Release Date - April 10, 2019

New Features

  1. Added support for new displays, actuators, and sensors for evive, Arduino Mega, Uno, and Nano:
    1. R309 Fingerprint Sensor
    2. DS18B20 Waterproof Temperature Sensor
    3. Keypad Sensor
    4. RFID Sensor
    5. LCD Display 16 x 2
    6. 4 x 7 Segment Display
    7. 8 x 8 Dot Metrix Display
    8. Stepper Motor using A4988 Driver
    9. 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor
  2. Added new block, display (matrix) of size () px at position (), (), color () & background (), to display a 20 x 16 matrix on evive TFT display. This block works in both stage mode and upload mode.
    display Matrix
  3. Added support for new Dabble App modules - Camera module, Colour Sensing module, IoT module (Data Logger, Messaging & Notification), Music module, and Oscilloscope module.
  4. Added 16 tutorials - 
    1. Getting Started with Stage Mode
    2. Getting Started with Upload Mode
    3. Make a Torch (Digital Output)
    4. Jump Around (Digital Input)
    5. Scuttle Around (Analog Input)
    6. Touch to Sound
    7. Vary the Brightness
    8. Chase the Puffer Fish
    9. Run the Motor
    10. Turn the Servo
    11. Write on the Screen
    12. Draw a Flag
    13. Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensor
    14. Dabble: Gamepad Module
    15. Dabble: Terminal Module
    16. Dabble: Sensor Module
  5. Added serial monitor, allowing the user to visualize the data coming from the hardware connected to PictoBlox and send data to the device.
  6. Added prompt message when you save the program.
  7. Added examples for evive, Arduino Uno, Mega and Nano.


  1. Firmware for evive, Arduino Uno, Mega, and Nano.
  2. New slider feature for a number input, making easy for students to change the number using the slider.
PictoBlox V1.0.0

Release Date - January 25, 2019

New Features

  1. Added support for interacting and programming evive, Arduino Uno, Mega, and Nano.
  2. Added extensions for evive - 
    1. evive
    2. Dabble App
    3. Sensors
    4. Display
    5. Actuators
    6. Internet of Things
    7. Communication
    8. Lighting
  3. Added extensions for Arduino Mega, Uno, and Nano - 
    1. Dabble App
    2. Sensors
    3. Actuators
    4. Communication
    5. Lighting
  4. Integrated functions of Scratch 3.0
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