AI & Robotics Premium Lab (Set of 30 Kits and 30+ DIY Kits)

The AI & Robotics Premium Lab provides the perfect opportunity for schools to engage their students in Coding, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics activities and experiments designed to be in sync with various curricula such as CSTA, IGCSE, ICSE, National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, and CBSE Skill-Subjects. With this comprehensive package, schools can facilitate up to 600 students at a time, while utilizing the existing computer lab, thus saving them a financial burden.

  • This package includes 30 Quarky Ultimate Kits, 30+ DIY Kits, 20 Quarky Explorer Kits, a 3D Printer with consumables, sensors, spares, activity robotics arenas, and decorative.
  • Designed for Classroom Learning: Engage up to 40 students at a time with this AI and Robotics. A total of 600 students can be covered with this package.
  • Educator Resources and LMS (600 student license): Comes with planned AI & Robotics educator resources, lecture slides, activity sheets, assessment guides, and a learning management system.
  • Further, to ensure the most engaging learning experience, it includes a 5-day Teacher Development Program and two 3-day Refresher Programs with yearlong handholding.
  • Includes PictoBlox Premium Features: Ideal software to cover block coding, Python coding, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, the Internet of Things, etc.
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AI & Robotics Premium Lab Equipment List

Components of Quarky Ultimate Kit - Quarky Robot, line following arena, AI recognition card, paper creatives and many more for hands-on learning.

30 x Quarky Ultimate Kit

The BEST AI & Robotics Companion for Kids with complete hands-on experience to learn AI, Robotics & Coding with 10+ robotics configurations and 50+ projects.

  • Designed for Classroom Learning – 1 kit is suitable for 2-3 student group.
  • Powerful Microcontroller Board – Quarky is a portable device that allows students to create complex projects with its 3.7V Li–ion battery support, two tactile switches, five capacitive touch sensors, two infrared sensors, 35 programmable RGB LEDs, speaker, Wi–Fi and Bluetooth compatibility and general–purpose input–output pins. Quarky also has protections for reverse polarity, overvoltage, and overcurrent.
  • Comes with AI recognition cards for making Self Driving Car and 2 Practice Arenas.

Do-it-yourself Addon Kits for Advance Learning

The premium lab comes with Advance DIY projects which allow students to explore the advanced AI and robotics concepts in the field of Mars Exploration, Humanoid Robotics, and Speech Bots. 

Quarky Mars Rover Addon Learning Kit for Kids - Shop Image 1

3 x Quarky Mars Rover Addon Kit

Explore Mars with Quarky, the miniature version of NASA’s Perseverance rover. Live out your space exploration dreams.

Quarky 6 DoF Humanoid Robot for Kids - Shop Image 1

3 x Quarky Humanoid Addon Kit

The Quarky Humanoid Robot is a 6 DOF programmable robot that is perfect for learning about robotics, control, and AI-based applications.

Four-legged Quarky Quadruped robot controlled by a smartphone app named PictoBlox

3 x Quarky Quarduped Addon Kit

An 8-DOF robot animal Quarky Quadruped Kit. It can walk, dance, avoid obstacles, and respond to gesture commands, providing endless fun for kids.

Quarky IoT Internet of Things Kit for Kids - Shop Listing Image 1

3 x Quarky IoT House Addon Kit

Discover IoT with the IoT House kit! It has 15+ activities to teach you simple API requests, voice-controlled smart plugs, and RFID-trusted door-opening systems. Perfect for beginners.

Quarky Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit for Kids - Shop Listing Image 1

3 x Quarky Mecanum Wheel Robot Addon Kit

Experience the power of mecanum wheel design with this versatile robot kit. Discover the endless possibilities of robotics engineering today.

Quarky 6 DoF Humanoid Robot for Kids - Shop Image 1

3 x Quarky Robotic Arm Addon Kit

Introducing the 3 DOF Robotic Arm Kit with Gripper – perfect for kids to learn about manipulator robotics!

1 x Alexa Echo with RGB Bulb

The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with Alexa and Wyze color bulb is a great IoT and chatbot introduction for students.

Quarky Explorer Kit - Shop Listing Image 1

12 x Quarky Explorer Kit

Top programmable board for AI, coding, and physical computing for all ages and skills.

Tello Drone

1 x Tello Drone

The Tello drone is small, light, and easy to control. It uses advanced DJI technology and has a 14-core Intel processor. It offers HD transmission, 5 speakers, and a real-time HD video feed up to 100m.

Creality Ender 3

1 x 3D Printer Kit with UPS

The Crelity Ender 3 is a user-friendly 3D printer with a 220 x 220 x 250mm build volume, aluminum frame, and heated build plate. It has a direct drive extruder and auto-leveling function for consistent results.

Electronics Kit

10 x Quarky Electronics Addon Kit

The kit teaches about electronics and different components such as capacitors, resistors, transistors, LEDs, switches, and potentiometers.

AI Premium Lab Consumables

The AI Premium Lab contains all the spares and consumables needed to run robotics activities for up to 600 students, making running activities easier and more efficient than ever before.

20 x AI & Robotics Wooden Arena

20 x USB C Cable

36 x Motor

36 x Wheel

36 x Motor Mount

36 x Servo Motor

18 x Ultrasonic Sensor

6 x Battery Charger (6-Port)

10 x Plastic Addon Pack

200 x Multicolor Alligator Wire

15 x 1000mAh Battery + 15 x 1300mAh Battery

18 x Motor Connector


800 x Male - Male Jumper Cables


18 x Ultrasonic Jumper Wires

400 x Female - Female Jumper Cables

10 x Fastener Addon Packs

400 x Male - Female Jumper Cables

4 x Arena Posters


5 x 1Kg of 3D Printer Filament


5 x Filament Box

10 x AI & Robotics Lab Poster

10 x Set of 100 Cable Ties

15 x 1000mAh Battery + 15 x 1300mAh Battery

1 x Storage Box

Three STEMpedia textbooks for students in grades 3, 6, and 9, covering AI, coding, and robotics.

Certified Curriculum & Resources

Our program is designed to provide a comprehensive, accessible learning experience for 3rd-12th grade students, in alignment with CSTA, IB (International Baccalaureate®), IGCSE, ICSE, National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, and CBSE Skill Subjects with Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Tinkering, and Data Science. Our all-in-one solution features a structured curriculum with session plans for teachers, activity sheets, and worksheets for students. Moreover, we offer activity books for individual classroom participants that you can purchase.


Eleven Days of Teacher Development Program

Our program provides faculty with offline AI training sessions for 5 days in school to help upskill computer science teachers, STEM faculty, and school IT staff. These comprehensive training sessions will equip teachers with the knowledge they need to transform schools with artificial intelligence. In addition, we offer two 3-day refresher training sessions between the years to help teachers run the program without difficulties. After the TDP, teachers will receive weekly online counseling, mentoring, and assistance from the AI master trainers to ensure that the lab runs efficiently.

PictoBlox Python for kids to learn Python in a fun and interactive way.

PictoBlox Software License

PictoBlox software is available to all students and teachers. It’s a programming software that lets students program robots and explore new knowledge. PictoBlox software provides learning opportunities for block coding (suitable for grades 3-8), Python coding (suitable for grades 7-12), machine learning and artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, physical computing, and self-driving technology.

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We guarantee that our support and training will equip you to implement the AI and Robotics Curriculum and Learning Management System in your school. With our expertise, you can integrate cutting-edge technology into your curriculum and provide quality education to your students. Trust us to provide the best solutions and guidance to take your school’s learning experience to the next level.

FAQs on AI & Robotics Premium Lab

AI Lab along with Robotics is designed for the implementation of the latest education trends as per CSTA, IGCSE, ICSE, National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and CBSE Skill-Subjects. It is designed with a grade-wise certified curriculum for 3-12 classes and is aligned with CBSE Subject Codes 417, 843, and ICSE Subject Code 66. AI Project Activity Books and Curriculum is well designed for three stages: elementary (class 3-5) where primary students learn block/graphical coding, intermediate (class 6-8) where middle school students learn Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, and advanced (class 9, 10, 11, and 12) where secondary students learn Advanced Coding, AI, ML and Robotics with Python. with Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Tinkering, and Data Science.

AI curriculum and kits are recommended for ages 7+ to 17 years / Grade 3 to 12. Block-based coding is recommended for primary and middle school i.e, Grades (3rd to 8th) or beginners, whereas Python coding is used for secondary and senior secondary i.e, Grades (9th to 12th).

Yes, we provide activities for coding, and robotics for grade first onwards. It is designed for age group 5+ (Jr. Kindergarten to Second Grade) for fun and engaging activities. Although our standard curriculum covers the concepts and curriculum for Coding, Robotics and AI (which are covered in AI and Robotics Lab), they are taught after classes/grade 3.


  1. AI Lab (AI  and Robotics Lab): For schools looking to start an year-long Coding, AI, and Robotics education with curriculum, assessment, annual competition. It includes Quarky robots, DIY Kits (Mars Rover, Humanoid, Art Paper creatives), Alexa with smart devices, consumables, spares (for items like sensors, motors, fasteners,  etc.), charging stations, etc.
  2. AI Classroom Bundle: For schools or libraries or activity centers looking to add AI courses with existing CS/Robotics/STEM/STEAM/ATL programs. Read more for details  and pricing

Considering one session of 40-60 mins of AI and Robotics per week running over the year, and two-three students working in groups,

  1. AI Classroom Bundles: Upto 200 students
  2. AI Lab (AI  and Robotics Lab): 200 – 400 students. For engaging more students, you can add more AI Classroom Bundle per 200 students.


  1. It’s depends on the school. If you are looking to start AI curriculum, then a fully equipped computer lab is sufficient. 
  2. If you are looking for best-in-class lab with decorative infrastructure and furniture or for other packages (like  3D printing and drones), then a separate space of 500-1,000 sqft for the lab is recommended.

Infrastructure Requirement (to be provided by the School): Each school selected for setting up a lab should have the following infrastructure available.

  • Computer lab for performing practical activities.
  • Each lab should be provided with 10 PCs or 10 nodes connected through a server. Accessories like printers, projection systems, etc will also be provided.
  • Computers or laptops with Windows 7 or above, Linux, Chromebooks, macOS. For Tablets or Mobile Phones with Android 9 or above, iOS 14 is required.
  • 40 Stools/Chairs for Students and 1 Chair for Teachers.
  • Electricity Plugs on Worktables, Extension Boards.
  • Projector with 30 Watts Speakers, 6×4 sq feet White Board, Project Screen, and Notice Board.

Note*: Python coding is not supported in Tablet/iPad.

Yes. We have additional packages for 3D printing with laser engraver, drones which can be added separately with AI and Robotics lab.

(Only for India) We provide IT equipment package also or AI lab with tablets/laptops as per the need.

We can customize and provide full educational lab solutions including furniture, training, IT and many above 10,000 USD  or 8L INR budget.

We  also provide curated curriculum, and kits for  government organizations or education departments  or education ministeries or Non-profit organizations (NGOs) as per the need  of the CSR activities. For bulk procurement or government tenders on AI education kits and program, do contact us at

Yes, we provide onsite capacity-building programs for teachers and yearlong support for efficient working of AI and Robotics Lab. We also seek feedback from teachers and connect over a virtual meet on every 2nd Saturday of the month.

We have 20+ global partners and distributors across the world. We have shipped our educational kits in more than 75 countries so far. Do contact us at

We usually ship our kits and AI lab package via DHL as our courier partner.

For becoming our partner or bulk distributor,  please visit:

Currently, AI and Robotics curriculum and kits are available in English and Korean.

If you want to create AI and Robotics curriculum in other languages, please contact us at We help experienced CS teachers or STEM-Robotics education companies or book publishing companies to create their own AI and ML curriculum.

Our  coding and AI platform PictoBlox is supported in English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Gujarati, and Kannada.

Yes, it is different from Atal Tinkering Lab. The Indian government granted ATL lab focus on tinkering, core electronics-robotics, IoT, machine tools, etc. While AI lab for schools focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and skill based subjects included in NEP.

We strongly suggest ATL schools to buy AI classroom bundle using the annual INR 2 Lacs (as per the ATL budget consumption guidelines or consumables and training) budget to upgrade the lab as per the NEP 2020.