Your Personal Robotic Arm

5 DoF Robotic Arm Add-On Kit

Learn Industrial Robotics the DIY Way

5 DoF Robotic Arm Add-On Kit

Learn Industrial Robotics the DIY Way


Building and programming a miniature industrial palletizing robotic arm is now easy and fun with the DIY robotic arm add-on kit! This kit is perfect for those who wish to learn advanced industrial robotics concepts with a fun-filled learning-by-doing approach. With your own robotic arm, you can draw, perform pick and place activities (both manually and automatic), serve drink, and even make a candy-sorter!

evive is not included in the kit.

Why Go for the 5 DoF Robotic Arm Add-On Kit?

easy to use

Easy to Use

Straight forward assembly, circuitry, and programming in every project

open Source

Free Learning Resources

Numerous tutorials, projects, documentation, app, and software free to use for everyone

hardware compatibilty

Hardware Compatibility

Compatible with popular development boards like evive, Arduino Uno, Mega, and Nano

Software Compatibility

Software Compatibility

Works with programming platforms like Arduino IDE, PictoBlox (Scratch), Python, etc

industrial training

Peek into the Industry

Provides with insights into a palletizing robotic manipulator through hands-on experience

advance training

Advanced Learning

Teaches advanced robotics concepts like Motion Planning, Inverse Kinematics, etc

Inside the Kit

Metal Servo motor

3 x Metal Servo Motor and Accessories (Includes servo horns, screws etc.)

Micrro Servo

2 x Micro Servo and Accessories (Includes servo horns, screws etc.)

Power Adapter

1 x DC Adapter


1 x Bearing

Bottom Outer Bearing Disc

1 x Bottm Outer Bearing Disc (Larger Annulus)

Middle Outer Bearing Disc

2 x Middle Outer Bearing Disc (Smaller Annulus)

Top Outer Bearing Disc

1 x Top Outer Bearing Disc

Triangular Junction Plate

1 x Triangular Junctin Plate

Left Lower Arm

2 x Lef Lower Arm

Left Middle Arm

1 x Lef Middle Arm

Left Upper Arm

1 x Lef Upper Arm

Right Middle Arm

1 x Right Middle Arm (Shorter than Lef Upper Arm)

Right Lower Arm

1 x Right Lower Arm

Right Upper Arm

2 x Right Upper Arm

Rotational Servo Plate

2 x Rotatinal Servo Plate 

Side Servo Mounting Plate

2 x Side Servo Mountig Plate

Base Servo Motor Plate

1 x Base Servo Motor Plate

End-Effector Rotational Micro Servo Plate

1 x End-Effctor Rotatinal Micro Servo Plate

Robotic Arm Base

1 x Roboti Arm Base


15 x Spacer 

Gripper Claw-1

1 x Gripper Claw 1

Gripper Claw-2

1 x Gripper Claw 2

Gripper Plate

1 x Gripper Plate

Gripper Part-1

1 x Gripper Part 1

Gripper Part-2

1 x Gripper Part 2 

Gripper Link

1 x Gripper Link

Inner Bearing Disc

1 x Inner Bearing Disc

3D Printed Spacer

1 x 3D Printed Spacer

Screw Driver

1 x Screw Driver

Robotic Arm Book

Roboti Arm Book

Cable Tie

1 x Bunch of Cable Ties

Jumper Cables

Jumper Cables:

20 x Male-Male
20 x Male-Female
20 x Female-Female



10 x M3 Standof of 30mm MF
2 x M3 Standof of 30mm FF
4 x M3 Standof of 20mm FF
2 x M3 Standof of 15mm MF


Fasteners (Note: MX represents X mm in diameter):

25 x M4 Bolts of 16 mm Length
10 x M4 Bolts of 25 mm Length
2 x M4 Bolts of 30 mm Length
2 x M4 Bolts of 40 mm Length
15 x M3 Bolts of 8 mm Length
10 x M3 Bolts of 12 mm Length
5 x M2 Bolts of 12 mm Length
40 x M4 Nuts
10 x M4 Lock Nuts
15 x M3 Nuts
5 x M2 Nuts

Learning by Making - from Basic to Advanced


DIY Robotic Arm Bartender

This project will show you how to make your own robotic arm bartender that will make you a star host!

PictoBlox Programmable

Get the 5 DoF Robotic Arm Add-On Kit NOW!

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