Fuse Biology with Tech

Biotech Add-On Kit

Understand Yourself Better with Tech

Biotech Add-On Kit

Understand Yourself Better with Tech


The biotech add-on kit is an exciting means to use tech to understand your biological self and make cool projects fusing the two. With the biotech kit, you can check your pulse, measure the tallest friend, analyze your breath, check body temperature with a digital thermometer, visualize muscle activity, assist the visually impaired, and protect your prized possessions with your fingerprint!

evive is not included in the kit. 

Why Go for the Biotech Add-On Kit?

easy to use

Easy to Use

Straightforward assembly, circuitry,and programming in every project
open Source

Free Learning Resources

Numerous tutorials, projects, documentation, app, and software free to use for everyone
hardware compatibilty

Hardware Compatibility

Compatible with popular development boards like evive, Arduino Uno, Mega, and Nano
Software Compatibility

Software Compatibility

Works with programming platforms like Arduino IDE, PictoBlox (Scratch), Python, etc


You will learn the basic implementation of drip irrigation system.
self awareness of humabody

Self Awareness

Learn more about human body and different parameters related to human body

Inside the Kit

EMG Sensor

1 x EMG Sensor Kit

Optical Fingerprint Sensor

1 x Optical Fingerprint Read Sensor

Pulse Oximeter

1 x Pulse Oximeter

MQ 2 Gas Sensor

1 x MQ3 Gas Sensor

MQ 2 Gas Sensor

1 x MQ2 Gas Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensor

1 x Ultrasonic Sensor

Temperature Sensor DS18B20

1 x Temperature Sensor (DS18B20)


15 x 10 kΩ Resistor


10 x 4.7 kΩ Resistor

Male Male Jumper 20cm

20 x Male – Male Jumper Cable

Male Female Jumper 20cm

20 x Male – Female Jumper Cable

Female Female Jumper 20

20 x Female – Female Jumper Cable

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