Humanoid Robot Add-on Kit



Build and program your own 8 Degree of Freedom walking robot with the DIY humanoid robot kit! This kit is perfect for those who wish to learn advanced robotics concepts with a fun-filled learning-by-doing approach. You can make your robot walk, dance, do stunts, perform actions with hand, play football, and much more!

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Why Go for the Humanoid Add-On Kit?

Easy to Use

Straight forward assembly, circuitry, and programming in every project


Free Learning Resources

Numerous tutorials, projects, documentation, app, and software free to use for everyone

Hardware Compatibility

Compatible with popular development boards like evive, Arduino Uno, Mega, and Nano


Software Compatibility

Works with programming platforms like Arduino IDE, PictoBlox (Scratch), Python, etc



Provides with insights into a humanoid robot control through hands-on experience


Advanced Learning

Teaches advanced robotics concepts like humanoid walking, dancing, etc

Inside the Kit


8 x Metal Servo Motor and Accessories (Includes servo horns, screws etc.)


2 x Dot LED Matrix


1 x 7.4V Battery


1 x HM10


1 x Battery Charger


Acrylic Parts


1 x Bunch of Cable Ties


8 x M3 Standoff of 30mm MF


1 x Screw Driver


Jumper Cables:

40 x Male-Male
80 x Male-Female
40 x Female-Female


Fasteners (Note: MX represents X mm in diameter):

50 x M4 Bolts of 16 mm Length
10 x M3 Bolts of 8 mm Length
100 x M3 Bolts of 12 mm Length
50 x M4 Nuts
8 x M4 Lock Nuts
100 x M3 Nuts

Learning by Making - from Basic to Advanced

Perform Various Actions


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