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5 DIY Fun Summer Projects for Kids

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If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? And if Spring ain’t that far behind, then Summer too will catch up quick! So will the desire to explore new things and constantly keeping mom and dad at their toes when it comes to kids. This summer, however, is going to be different for your kids AND you. Why? Well, ‘coz this summer is going to be all about some out-of-the-ordinary ‘electrified’, ‘roboticized’, exciting project-making! Not only will it only be about having fun, but also learning new things while the kids are at it because learning is fun and there’s fun in learning, right?

And the best part about making fun DIY projects? You too can join your kids in the fun! A win-win situation for both of you. So, let’s get right into it!

DIY Projects to Do with Your Kids

Here’s a list that we’ve compiled of 5 interesting DIY projects that will keep your kids busy this summer:

  • Touch-Based Fruit Piano

Touch-Based Fruit Piano

You can play the piano but not eat it. You can eat fruits but not play them… or can you?

Turns out, you sure can! All it needs are some fruits, some wires, and evive – the best intuitive project-making platform out there for young DIYers. Not only is this project fun to make but it also teaches how to write codes in an easy yet interesting way. You can find the project HERE.

  • Smartphone-Controlled Robot

Smartphone Controlled Robot

Robots are such fascinating… creatures, aren’t they? How does the idea of making one for yourself sound? Super exciting, right? Here’s a project that teaches you how to make a mobile robot AND control it wirelessly using your Smartphone. This project has everything – connecting the motors (electronics), writing the code to control the robot using Smartphone (programming), and, well, building the robot (robotics). You can find the project HERE.

  • Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

A robot that you can control using your Smartphone is cool but a robot that can itself sense obstacles in its away and effortlessly avoid them? Now THAT’S cool in a true sense. This project is an extension of the Smartphone-controlled robot wherein instead of YOU controlling is with a Smartphone, the robot itself moves around, sensing obstacles in its way with the help of an ultrasonic distance sensor. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? You can find the project HERE.

  • Smart Trash Bin

Smart Trash Bin

A trash bin that can sense how much junk (quite literally) has it ‘eaten’ and when it can take no more? Yes, it exists! If it doesn’t where you live, it will now, thanks to you and the project that you’ll be making! Two ultrasonic sensors, a couple of jumper wires, evive, and, well, a trash bin and you’re all set to make this one-of-its-kind DIY project! You can find the project HERE.

  • Magnetic Table Hockey

Magnetic Hockey Table

After all that exciting project making, you and your kids sure deserve a nice game, don’t you? How about air hockey with the air being replaced by magnets? Intrigued? How about making one yourself?! Sounds fun? Then this project is just for you. What makes it all the more special is that everybody gets to enjoy the end result! You can find the project HERE.

All of these projects have been made using the evive Starter Kit and are based on some or the other concepts of electronics, programming, and robotics. There are individual courses on all three that explain the basics with a learning-by-doing approach. You can get one for yourself along with the courses from HERE.

In a Nutshell

Summertime is meant for having fun as a family. But it can become boring, both for kids and parents, if they don’t find something worthwhile to do during that time. One of the many ways to avoid that situation and make the most of that time is learning new things by making projects together! So, go ahead, get your hands dirty, and learn something new every day!

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