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AI in School Curriculum : Futuristic Technology the New Normal?

AI in School Curriculum : Futuristic Technology the New Normal?
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Artificial intelligence – we’ve all heard of the term and we know what it means. But what is all the hype about? Everywhere you turn to, you find AI or at least some mention of it in some form or another. From AI in classrooms to AI in MNC boardrooms, you can find it everywhere. This ground-breaking technology is taking over the world one code at a time, so much so that it is going to be an indispensable factor in shaping the future. 

Our dependency on AI is increasing by the day as we turn to it for even the simplest things like unlocking our phone (using Face Detection) and scheduling grocery shopping (using virtual assistants like Google, Siri and Alexa). AI is a formidable force that holds the power to revolutionize the world and bring about changes in a positive way. This makes it important for the inclusion of AI in school curriculum so students can become familiar with them and prepare for a technology-dependent future. This blog will explain how is AI used in classrooms, how teaching artificial intelligence can be made more effective and why it has so much significance. 

Why Is Teaching AI To Kids Important?

Today’s children are going to be the responsible citizens of the world tomorrow. The development of society and humanity as a whole lies in their hands. It has been established without a doubt that AI is going to shape the future. This makes it necessary for the use of AI in education so that students can become familiar with AI and understand the concepts not just theoretically but also in a hands-on manner. 

When we really sit and think about all the reasons why AI for kids is a good idea and it can be beneficial for them, we realize the list can get pretty long. Some of these are better job opportunities, holistic development, exposure to futuristic technologies and many more. To know more about such insightful reasons, check out our blog on ‘Importance of AI in Early Education for Kids’. 

Why Is Inclusion of AI in School Curriculum A Good Idea?

Why Is Inclusion of AI in School Curriculum A Good Idea?

Be it mathematical equations, computer programming, data algorithms, text/speech recognition in English or even building virtual scientific prototypes, AI in classrooms can be inculcated everywhere. The biggest advantage of this inclusion is that despite AI being an advanced technology, it makes even the hardest of activities fairly simple to perform. Your equations start making sense automatically based on the data fed, your pronunciation becomes a lot better, and you can see your ideas take shape in virtual reality even before you implement them. This shows us how AI is used in classrooms with such freedom.

AI lets you do a lot of things with the least amount of effort. This is particularly beneficial for students as it helps them stay up-to-date with a wide range of subject matter which is essential to develop an inter-disciplinary aptitude. Including AI in school curriculum and institutions of higher education can revolutionize the education system and bring about much-needed changes. 

Another advantage of including AI in school curriculum is that it will help students take such concepts more seriously. According to a report published by the World Economic Forum, it is predicted that 85 million jobs across the world will be taken over by AI in as early as the next 5 years. While this may sound drastic and worrisome, the inclusion of AI in all walks of life is also expected to generate nearly 97 million jobs by 2025. Overall, the shift that the economy is going to witness soon will result in the generation of 12 million more jobs. 

To prepare for this AI-driven future, it is important that kids learn about AI as part of their syllabus. For a clearer understanding of how to include AI in school curriculum and detailed artificial intelligence lesson plans, refer to our AI Curriculum for Kids

Guide To Teaching AI in Classrooms

Guide To Teaching AI in Classrooms

AI in classrooms can be taught in multiple ways. But what matters is that it should be easy to understand for students and most of all, it should be engaging. It is extremely difficult to keep children focused with the amount of extra energy that they have; they get distracted all too easily. The teaching methodology should be chosen, keeping in mind the fact that AI is a broad concept with a variety of applications. 

Teaching artificial intelligence to students is no piece of cake; it is a high-tech concept. One of the best ways to capture the imagination of students and explain to them such tricky concepts is through digital media. Interactive videos, animations and instructive visuals are a great way to begin. You can find a variety of interactive AI courses for kids online which can be easily inculcated into the curriculum. Check out our mindfully curated AI courses for kids today. With interactive videos, step-by-step guides and flexible learning methods, it makes for the perfect fit for children. 

Our AI Curriculum for Kids, contains a detailed artificial intelligence lesson plans created especially for children aged between 7-15 years of age. Gradually progressing from the basics to advanced concepts, this curriculum is suitable for inclusion in educational institutions all across the globe. Check it out today to gain a better understanding of how AI is used in classrooms and ways in which it can be made more effective. 

Why Are Smartphones & Tabs Ideal for Teaching AI to Kids?

Why Are Smartphones & Tabs Ideal for Teaching AI to Kids?

The heated debate on whether smartphones, tabs and other gadgets should be allowed in school ended with the onset of the pandemic. From no phones in school, there was a paradigm shift as smartphones and gadgets became the saviour of the education system. 

However, the question remains, which gadget is best suited for teaching artificial intelligence in classrooms. While desktops and laptops remain the easiest to use, especially for beginners, this era of convenience makes smartphones and tabs the better choice. Smaller gadgets maintain the flexibility offered to students by online courses and help them learn on the go. 

To take your pick between smartphones and tabs, you need to check the compatibility of the software you wish to use or the courses you aim to pursue. STEMpedia AI courses for kids and the PictoBlox software are compatible with both and allow users the freedom to learn and practice whenever and however they wish to. The use of AI in education is a very hassle-free now. So go ahead and sign up today! 

Unplug, Explore & Learn AI

An important factor to keep in mind with respect to early education for children is that hands-on experiences are essential. They help with not only the intellectual but also the mental as well as holistic development of children. Learning AI doesn’t have to be all monotonous and via a screen. Students can unplug and explore AI in the old-fashioned way of interacting with their surroundings. The use of AI in education can be made a lot more fun. 

AI kits for kids like Quarky are a great choice to learn AI hands-on not just for beginners but also for those with some prerequisite knowledge. With a whole lot of new features like circuit safety, compatibility with different programs and boards, Bluetooth enabling and much more, Quarky makes for the perfect AI companion for kids to make progress in their journey to master AI. Coming soon, the Quarky AI kit for kids is now open for pre-booking and special offers. Check it out today

What Is the Scope of AI in the Future?

The future is about all things AI. Studies say so, researchers say so, trends say so, and common sense says so. This futuristic technology is the basis of all things to come which will lead to the development of the human race. 

From maintaining a bedtime schedule, unlocking our phone (using Face Detection), remembering to buy groceries (using virtual assistants) to managing data systems for MNCs, and providing aid in high-tech research, we can see the involvement of AI in all things, small or big. This is the present scenario and judging by the way AI has made life simpler yet more productive, it’s importance is only going to increase in the future. 

The Future of AI Education in the World is very bright and lies in the hands of every single individual willing to learn more and make progress. Join the AI learning bandwagon today to make sure you don’t miss out.  

In a Nutshell

AI is slowly but surely becoming the new normal. This makes it essential for children to familiarize themselves with the technology so that they can be prepared for a future ruled by AI. Including AI in the school curriculum for students is the best way to ensure that they have access to sufficient resources and are able to gain practical knowledge as well. AI kits for kids like Quarky are perfect for this purpose. Coming soon, this kit offers multiple features and benefits which makes it the best AI companion for kids without a doubt. For a clearer understanding of how to include AI in the syllabus and detailed artificial intelligence lesson plans, refer to our AI Curriculum for Kids.

The scope of AI in the future is huge. That has already been established as a fact. To prepare children for such a shining future, providing them with proper resources is important. Check out our range of STEM products and AI courses for kids especially curated to equip them with all they need to flourish in a high-tech world. Educators who wish to empower themselves by upgrading their AI skills, check out the recordings of the AI Bootcamp for Educators organised with STEMpedia. It covers several latest concepts which will help you in effectively teaching AI to kids. Also, sign up for Quarky today and avail special offers! 

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