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AI in Education: the Need for a Good AI Curriculum for Schools

artificial intelligence for kids
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Having the fastest growing economy and the highest youth population in the world, India is poised to become a global leader provided we utilize her potential to the fullest in the right way. Artificial intelligence, the fuel that will run future tech (and the world), can help realize this dream. The key here is educating the youth in artificial intelligence and machine learning since they’re going to run the economy and the country in the future and schools have a major role to play in this. They can be assisted by introducing a specially designed AI curriculum for schools.

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AI Curriculum for Schools

online ai course for kids

In some of our previous articles, we’ve talked about the importance and advantages of artificial intelligence for kids and the impact of AI in education. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help educators by increasing their efficiency through various AI applications such as real-time text to speech and text translation systems, automating mundane and repetitive tasks that don’t require thinking but still take up a considerable chunk of time such as taking attendance, personalizing the learning journey based on experience, skill, and understanding, etc.

Apart from helping educators taking over mundane tasks so that they can focus their energy on adding value, AI in education can help prepare kids for a tech-ruled future by making them AI-ready. It can do so by developing an interest in STEM, exposing them to coding – a must-have skill for 21st-century learners, boosting their creativity and imagination, enhancing their problem-solving skills, and much more.

To assist schools and educators to teach AI to kids, a meticulously designed AI curriculum for schools is required. Having a dedicated AI curriculum for school provides teachers with a proper framework and content that assists them in planning their lessons and offers them tools, guides, and other material they can/should use. A structured AI curriculum for schools, like any other curriculum, clearly lays down the aim and learning outcomes that can be expected. Both students and educators have a path laid out for them to guide them to achieve the learning outcomes that the AI curriculum for schools aims to achieve.

CBSE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Curriculum – a Step Ahead

CBSE artificial intelligence curriculum
Image: CBSE

To harness India’s potential and make her a global leader, the Indian Government has launched several initiatives to make the country AI-ready. Some of these commendable initiatives are the Atal Innovation Mission’s ATL AI-Base Module, planetcode, the launch INDIAai as the “central hub for everything AI in India and beyond”, and CBSE’s efforts to introduce AI in schools.

CBSE has decided to introduce artificial intelligence for class 8 and above as an optional subject and has been training teachers on how to use AI in the classroom. The CBSE artificial intelligence curriculum has been curated with support from Intel.

The CBSE AI curriculum focuses on building “an AI mindset and relevant skillsets and toolsets.” This AI curriculum for schools introduces students to domains such as computer vision, natural language processing, and data and how they can use these concepts to make real-world based projects that are meaningful and have a positive social impact.

According to a 2019 video by CBSE, 883 schools across the country have welcomed the idea of introducing the CBSE AI curriculum in their schools to class 8 onwards. In these 883 schools, over 71 thousand students are benefiting from the CBSE artificial intelligence curriculum.

STEMpedia’s AI Curriculum for Schools

STEMpedia AI Curriculum for Schools

Being a pioneer of STEM education in India and a propagator of hands-on STEM education, we at STEMpedia also believe that the scope of artificial intelligence in India is great and harness its potential to the fullest, AI education in India needs to be implemented on a national scale. Our STEM and AI for kids experts have designed an AI curriculum for schools for teaching AI to kids in an interactive and playful manner.

Our AI curriculum for school aims at enabling kids to understand the AI technology that surrounds them by teaching them common artificial intelligence concepts such as computer vision, text and speech recognition, face recognition, and machine learning with a hands-on learning approach.

The highlight of this AI curriculum for schools is PictoBlox AI, India’s first-ever interactive AI education platform to provide a fulfilling project-based AI learning experience through its artificial intelligence and machine learning tools integrated into a graphical programming interface. Kids can code their own programs and make fascinating artificial intelligence and machine learning projects such as identifying celebrities in an image, making a face detector, recognizing handwritten and printed text, building machine learning models, etc in an engaging way.

After completing this AI curriculum for schools, students will have a basic understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the help of a wide variety of AI projects.

Apart from the aforementioned learning outcomes, this curriculum will also help them develop important skills such as problem-solving and debugging techniques, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and creativity.

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In a Nutshell

India has the potential to rise and become a global leader in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. And it rests upon the shoulders of the youth of the country to turn this dream into reality. AI in education is going to play a huge role in educating the youth in artificial intelligence and machine learning and prepare them for an AI future. An AI curriculum for schools will provide a structured framework and the right tools and assistance to educators to teach AI to kids and make them AI-ready. STEMpedia’s AI curriculum for kids has been meticulously designed by AI experts to make it age-appropriate and teach artificial intelligence and machine learning to kids in an interactive and playful manner.

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