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With Skillful Minds for Class 5, students master a wide range of computing skills, from understanding computer hardware and software, algorithmic thinking, advanced word processing and presentation skills, to robotics, artificial intelligence, and internet proficiency, enhanced by practical, hands-on lab activities.

  • Education Board Alignement – CBSE
  • Number of Pages – 128
  • Number of Chapters – 7
  • Number of Lab Activities – 25
  • Software and Hardware Used – Windows 10, Calculator, MS Paint, WordPad, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, PictoBlox Block Coding, PictoBlox AI, Quarky Robot
  • Competition – Access to Codeavour – The global AI, Coding and Robotics championship to foster creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills among students of age 7 to 18 years to raise awareness about UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Technologies Covered – Computer Basics, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics
  • Certification – Submit 10 lab activities online to get digital certificate accredited by STEMpedia, and ARTPARK.

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Empowering Kids with the Right Future Skills

Computer Fundamentals

Coding and Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Fundamentals

Coding and Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence

Fun with Robotics

Explore MS Office

Game Development

Fun with Robots

Explore MS Office

Game Development

Inside the Book

Icon for 21st century skills

21st Century Skills

Chapters and activities designed to impart skills pertinent to the evolving technological landscape of the 21st century.

Icon for Skill Subject

Master Coding and AI Skills

Build competency in computational thinking, coding and artificial intelligence with hands on activities.

Badge for Activity Based Learning

Activity-Based Learning

Incorporating 25 hands-on activities and theme-based learning that make learning both fun and intellectually stimulating.

Icon of Quarky board

Learn with Quarky Robot

Interactive sessions with the Quarky robot enhance engagement and maintains a high level of interest.

Icon of PictoBlox

PictoBlox AI Software

Learn the art of coding through block coding in PictoBlox, a premier tool for young learners. Students also receive 3000 AI credits for PictoBlox.

Badge for Certificate

Codeavour Competition

Exclusive access to Codeavour – the AI and Robotics Competition, with the opportunity to represent India on the global stage at Dubai.

Software and Hardware Used

Windows 10

Calculator App

MS Paint


MS Word 16/19

PowerPoint 16/19



Google Chrome

Chapter-wise Learning Outcome

#Chapter NameLearning OutcomeActivitiesTool Used
1Know Your ComputerLearning the fundamentals of computer components and operating systems, developing skills for basic computer navigation and understanding common programs in Windows 10.2Windows 10, Calculator, MS Paint, WordPad
2Coding & Algorithmic ThinkingGaining insights into algorithmic thinking and flowcharts, enhancing practical coding skills using PictoBlox, exploring creative problem-solving through programming.8PictoBlox
3Explore More in MS WordAcquiring advanced skills in using MS Word for document creation and formatting, mastering tools like tables, spell check, and text replacement features in MS Word.2MS Word
4Introduction to PowerPointDeveloping the ability to create impactful presentations using PowerPoint, learning slide design and content integration for effective communication.2MS PowerPoint
5Fun with RoboticsBuilding a foundational understanding of robotics, learning to construct and program robots using Quarky, exploring the mechanics of robot movement and control.6Quarky Robot, PictoBlox
6The World of AIDelving into the concepts of artificial intelligence, learning about speech recognition and other AI techniques, applying AI in practical scenarios using PictoBlox.4PictoBlox AI
7Exploring the InternetDeveloping a comprehensive understanding of the internet, learning web terminologies, and enhancing email communication skills.1Web Browsers, Gmail

Lab Activities in the Book

The book includes a range of lab activities in each chapter, designed to reinforce theoretical concepts through practical, hands-on experience.

#Activity NameLearning Outcome of the Activity
1Playing with Windows GUILearning to navigate the Windows graphical user interface, understanding the functionality of various icons and menus, and enhancing computer operation skills.
2Manage My FolderDeveloping skills in file management and organization, learning to create, rename, move, and delete folders and files, and understanding the importance of digital organization.
3Painting A Story in MS PaintEnhancing creativity by creating digital stories, learning to use different tools in MS Paint, and understanding the concepts of color and design in a digital medium.
4Animal Collage in PaintFostering artistic expression and creativity by combining various images to create a digital collage, and developing an understanding of layering and composition in digital art.
5My School Bus – TUX PaintCultivating design skills by creating a digital representation of a school bus, learning to use TUX Paint software, and understanding the application of color and shapes in design.
6Bringing Tobi to Life with AnimationLearning the basics of animation, character design, and storytelling through digital tools, and understanding how to animate characters in a sequence.
7Working with ConditionsDeveloping an understanding of conditional statements in programming, learning how conditions affect the flow of a program, and applying logical thinking to solve problems.
8Reciting Tables with LoopsMastering the use of loops in programming, understanding their efficiency in repetitive tasks, and applying this concept to create a program for reciting mathematical tables.
9Addition BotEnhancing mathematical skills through programming, learning to create a simple calculator program, and understanding the basics of user input and output in software development.
10Practicing Word with MonkeysLearning advanced features of MS Word such as text formatting, layout design, and graphic insertion, and applying these skills to create engaging documents.
11Clothes Shopping & Budgeting with ExcelDeveloping financial literacy and budgeting skills, learning to use Excel formulas and functions for financial calculations, and understanding the application of spreadsheets in real life.
12My Class Marksheet with ExcelLearning to organize and analyze data using Excel, understanding the use of formulas for calculation, and developing skills in data presentation through charts and tables.
13Drawing a Star in PictoBloxDeveloping basic drawing skills in a coding environment, learning to use PictoBlox for creating geometric shapes, and understanding the integration of coding and art.
14Creating a Paint App in PictoBloxEnhancing programming skills by developing a simple paint application, learning about user interface design, and understanding the application of programming concepts in software creation.
15Creating a Paint App in PictoBlox (Continued)Continuation of app development skills, focusing on advanced features and functionalities, and further exploring the creative possibilities of combining art with coding.
16Traffic Light with QuarkyUnderstanding the principles of robotics and automation through the creation of a simulated traffic light system, and learning about sequencing and control in robotics.
17Digital Dice with QuarkyLearning to create interactive digital tools, understanding the concept of randomness and its application in programming, and exploring the integration of digital displays in robotics.
18Fun with Music – Dance PartyDeveloping an understanding of sound, rhythm, and music in robotics, learning to program a robot to respond to music, and exploring the creative aspects of robotics in entertainment.
19Principles of Colour and Light MixingGaining an in-depth understanding of color theory and light properties through interactive experiments with robotics, fostering an appreciation of the scientific principles behind color mixing and light manipulation.
20LED Looping Pattern with QuarkyMastering complex pattern creation and understanding LED control mechanics in robotics, enhancing skills in programming, logic formulation, and creative design.
21Finger Tracing with AIAcquiring foundational knowledge in AI, particularly in motion tracking and analysis, through engaging in interactive finger tracing activities, developing skills in spatial awareness and understanding of AI applications.
22Clown Maker with Human DetectionDeveloping proficiency in AI-based human detection and creative design, learning to integrate AI technology with graphical design to create interactive and entertaining applications.
23Beetle in the MazeEnhancing problem-solving, logical reasoning, and strategic thinking through game design, learning to create challenging mazes and understanding the principles of game mechanics and user engagement.
24 - 25Coin Collector GameDeveloping advanced game design and programming skills, focusing on creating engaging gameplay, learning about game dynamics, scoring systems, and player interaction within a digital environment.

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FAQs on Skillful Minds - Class 5 Book

“Skillful Minds” is tailored for Class 5 students, roughly aged 10-11 years. It focuses on imparting fundamental skills in coding, artificial intelligence, robotics, and general computer technology. The book aims to foster problem-solving abilities and equip students with the skills necessary to understand and interact with technology creatively.

The book is divided into two main sections: Conceptual Learning and Practical Learning. The Conceptual Learning section offers theoretical insights, examples, and methodologies in ICT, coding, AI, and robotics. The Practical Learning section includes 25 lab activities covering these areas, providing step-by-step guidance for hands-on experience.

The Capstone Project is a critical component of the book, allowing students to apply their acquired skills in computer science, coding, AI, and robotics in the Codeavour Competition. This global contest encourages innovation and creativity, enabling students to explore various themes and tracks, thus enriching their learning experience.

Yes, “Skillful Minds” is designed to be a comprehensive learning resource for beginners. It provides in-depth content, practical activities, and exercises that are accessible to students with no prior experience in these fields.

The book aligns with the National Education Policy 2020 by fostering creativity and cultivating unique ideas. Its content and teaching approach are designed to resonate with the technological inclinations of modern students, promoting active learning through hands-on activities.

The book includes diverse lab activities such as working with calculators in Windows, animating characters in PictoBlox, creating documents and presentations in MS Word and PowerPoint, building and coding robots, and developing AI-based projects like a smart lamp with speech recognition.

No prior knowledge is required. The book is structured to introduce concepts in a student-friendly manner, starting from the basics and gradually progressing to more complex topics, making it ideal for beginners.

“Skillful Minds” ensures a balanced approach by integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application. It offers a variety of exercises, puzzles, and real-world examples alongside lab activities to ensure a holistic understanding of each topic.

Yes, readers can contact the authors for suggestions and feedback at The book also provides an answer key for self-assessment and further learning support.

The book contributes to a student’s development by building a strong foundation in coding, AI, robotics, and computer technology. It enhances problem-solving skills, fosters creativity, and prepares students to become innovative creators and thoughtful users of technology.

Quarky is a robotic tool used in various lab activities within the book. It is designed to provide hands-on experience in robotics, helping students understand basic robotic functions and control mechanisms. Through activities involving Quarky, students learn about robotics in an interactive and engaging manner.

PictoBlox is a graphical programming software introduced in the book. It’s used in several lab activities to teach coding and programming concepts. PictoBlox’s user-friendly interface makes it an effective tool for introducing students to programming, allowing them to create animations, games, and more.

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