ATL P1 Component List

Atal Tinkering Lab Package 1 contains components for Electronics Development, Internet of Things & Sensors, Robotics and DIY Kits.

Electronics Development

30 x Arduino UNO R3

10 x Arduino Nano

10 x Arduino Mega 2560

Raspberry PI 3 Model B

5 x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ or 4 (New 1/2GB)

Breadboard 400 Pin ATL

30 x Solderless 400 pin breadboard

Large Breadboard

20 x Solderless 800 pin breadboard

Self Adhesive Proto Shield

20 x Self Adhesive Proto Shield

GPB FR2 A Grade Material atl

30 x GPB (80 x 50 mm)

GPB FR2 A Grade Material Big

30 x GPB (140 x 90 mm)

Female Burgstick ATL

30 x Female Bergstick (40 Pins | 2.54mm)

Male Burgstick ATL

30 x Male Bergstick (40 Pins | 2.54mm)

20 x LCD 16×2

USB Cable

30 x USB Cable A-B

Mini USB Cable

30 x Mini USB Cable

Li-ion Battery

10 x Sanyo Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery


20 x Set of 30 (1.5,4.7,10,47,100,220,330,470,680,1k,2.2k,3.3k,4.7k,10k,22k,7k,100k,330k,1M) Ohm Resistors


20 x Set of 20  (10pF, 22pF, 100pF, 1nF, 10nF, 100nF, 1uF, 10uF, 100uF, 1000uF) Capacitor

7805 ATL

20 x Set of 1 (7805, 7809 and 7812) Voltage Regulator

4 x 12V 3W Water Pump

Piezoelelctric Plate 4 cm diameter ATL

30 x Piezoelectric Plate 4 cm diameter

MAX7219 Dot LED Matrix ATL

10 x MAX7219 Dot LED Matrix

15 x Bluetooth Module (HM10 or HC05)

20 x 7 Segment Display (4 – Digit)

Sim800L GPRS Module ATL

4 x SIM800L 


4 x GPS Module GY-NEO 6MV2

Laser Diode 650Nm 6Mm 5V ATL

10 x Laser Diode 650 Nm

30 x LDR Photosensitive Sensor Module

10 x Keypad 4×4 Module

10 x Joystick Module

40 x Buzzer Small

40 x Buzzer Big

Motor Driver L293d ATL

10 x Motor Driver L293D

Sound Playback Module (Voice recorder) ATL

10 x Sound Playback Module (Voice Recorder)

DC-motor-and-wheel ATL

40 x BO Motor with Wheel, 6V


6 x Node MCU

WeMos D1 R2 ATL

6 x WeMOS D1 R2

Vibrating Motor ATL

20 x Vibrating Motor

Alligator Clip

200 x Alligator Clips

Battery Clip with DC Jack ATL

40 x Battery Clip with DC Jack

Male Male Jumper 20cm

1000 x Jumper Cable Male-Male

Male Female Jumper 20cm

600 x Jumper Cable Male-Female

Female Female Jumper 20

400 x Jumper Cable Female-Female


400 x RGB LED

LED Red White Yellow Green

1000 x Red, Green, Blue Yellow, White LEDs

Diode Kit ATL

3 x Set of  25 Diode and Transistors

3 x Set of 100 Button Switch, Push, Toggle, Rotatory, Selector and Slide Switch

555 Timer IC ATL

30 x 555 Timer IC

Atmega 16u2 ATL

10 x Atmega 16u2 IC

MPR121 Module ATL

20 x Capacitive Touch Switch MPR121 Module

Capacitive Touch Switch ATL

10 x Capacitive Touch Switch

L293d ATL

10 x Motor Driver L293d

2 x Battery Charger

Red-Black-Hookup-Wire ATL

4 x Hookup Wires

*Items image is for reference, it may change while delivery.

Internet of Things and Sensors

20 x IR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module

Triple Axis Magnetometer ATL

10 x Triple Axis Magnetometer

10 x Humidity Sensor DHT11

3 x MQ Series 2

3 x MQ Series 3

3 x MQ Series 4

3 x MQ Series 5

3 x MQ Series 6

3 x MQ Series 7

3 x MQ Series 8

3 x MQ Series135

IR LED and TSOP 1738 ATL

10 x IR TSOP Transmitter Receiver

40 x Ultrasonic Sensor

10 x Triple Axis Accelerometer

20 x PIR Sensor

Pulse Heart Rate Sensor ATL

4 x Pulse Rate Sensor

20 x 1 Channel Relay Module

20 x 2 Channel Relay Module

Sound Sensor ATL

10 x Big Microphone Sensor

6 x Soil Moisture Sensor

6 x Capacitive Touch Sensor

Metal Touch Sensor ATL

6 x Metal Touch Sensor

6 x Rain Drop Sensor

6 x Flex Sensor

Temperature Sensor

6 x Temperature Sensor LM35

Force pressure Sensor

4 x Force Pressure Sensor

Color Recognition Sensor2 ATL

4 x Colour Recognition Sensor

4 x Water Flow Sensor

IR sensor array ATL

10 x 4 IR Sensor Arry Module

power bank ATL

5 x Power Bank 10000Mhz

RFID Sensor

10 x RFID Sensor

RF Transmitter Receiver pair 315 MHz ATL

10 x RF Transmitter Receiver pair 315 MHz

*Items image is for reference, it may change while delivery.


10 x Stepper Motor With Drive ULN2003

20 x DC Motor 12V 150 RPM

10 x Metal Servo Motor MG995

10 x Small Metal Servo Motor MG90S

Micrro Servo

10 x Continous Servo Moto

40 x Micro Servo Motor SG90

10 x BO Motor

L298P Motor Driver ATL

10 x Motor Driver Shield L298P

CCPM 3 Channel Servo Tester ATL

4 x CCPM 3 Channel Servo Tester

*Items image is for reference, it may change while delivery.

DIY Kits

3 x DIY Robotics Kit (evive Modular Robotic Kit with Brain or Quarky Innovator Kit)

Blix Construction Kit ATL

5 x Construction Kit (Blix Power Screw)

Pluto Drone

1 x Drone Kit 

1 x Aerospace Kit (4 PCS of Glider Kit with Catapult)

Blix Automobile Kit ATL

1 x Automobile Kit (Blix Gear Box)

1 x BioTech Kit

1 x BioMedical Kit

1 x AgriTech Kit

Water Testing Kit

1 x Water Sanitation Kit (Water Testing Kit)

1 x Other STEM Kit (evive Basic Kit)

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