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In a world where technology is pivotal, “Tech Tinkerer” is an essential book for Class 2 students to master Coding, Artificial Intelligence, and ICT (Information and Communication Technology). This book is crafted to enhance problem-solving skills and deepen understanding of technology.

  • Education Board Alignement – ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)
  • Number of Pages – 66
  • Number of Chapters – 6
  • Number of Lab Activities – 18
  • Software and Hardware Used – Tux Paint, Notepad, PictoBlox Jr, Quarky Robot
  • Competition – Access to Codeavour – The global AI, Coding and Robotics championship to foster creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills among students of age 7 to 18 years to raise awareness about UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Technologies Covered – Computer Basics, Coding, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics
  • Certification – Submit 5 lab activities online to get digital certificate accredited by STEMpedia, and ARTPARK.

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Empowering Kids with the Right Future Skills

Basics of Computers

Algorithmic Thinking with Robots

Artificial Intelligence

Basics of Computers

Algorithmic Thinking with Robots

Artificial Intelligence

Fun with Paint

Computational Thinking

Code Your Robot

Fun with Paint

Computational Thinking

Code Your Robot

Inside the Book

Icon for 21st century skills

21st Century Skills

Chapters and activities designed to impart skills pertinent to the evolving technological landscape of the 21st century.

Icon for Skill Subject

Build Coding and AI Skills

Build competency in computational thinking, coding and artificial intelligence with hands on activities.

Badge for Activity Based Learning

Activity-Based Learning

Incorporating 18 hands-on activities and theme-based learning that make learning both fun and intellectually stimulating.

Icon of Quarky board

Learn with Quarky Robot

Interactive sessions with the Quarky robot enhance engagement and maintains a high level of interest.

Icon of PictoBlox

PictoBlox AI Software

Learn the art of coding through horizontal block coding in PictoBlox, a premier tool for young learners. Students also receive 3000 AI credits for PictoBlox.

Badge for Certificate

Codeavour Competition

Exclusive access to Codeavour – the AI and Robotics Competition, with the opportunity to represent India on the global stage at Dubai.

Software and Hardware Used

Windows 10

Tux Paint


PictoBlox Jr


Chapter-wise Learning Outcome

#Chapter NameLearning OutcomeActivitiesTool Used
1Know Your ComputerLearning the basics of computers, their parts, operations, and the concept of Input-Process-Output; developing an understanding of different types of computers and their uses; enhancing skills in starting, shutting down, and using keyboard and mouse functionalities.3Wordpad
2Fun with PaintDeveloping familiarity with Tux Paint software; learning about its interface and basic tools; enhancing digital drawing and painting skills.4Tux Paint
3Critical Thinking and AnalysisLearning the concept of decision making; understanding loops and patterns in programming; developing an understanding of decoding and the significance of sequences in programming.0-
4Into the World of CodingLearning stepwise thinking, algorithms, and the basics of coding; navigating and coding in PictoBlox Jr; applying algorithmic thinking to coding tasks.6PictoBlox Jr
5Introduction to RoboticsUnderstanding the concept of robots and their various types; learning about Quarky, a robot; developing skills to connect and program Quarky using PictoBlox; exploring various programming blocks in PictoBlox Jr.3PictoBlox Jr, Quarky
6Introduction to AILearning about the concept of intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI); exploring AI applications like face and hand detection.2PictoBlox Jr

Lab Activities in the Book

The book includes a range of lab activities in each chapter, designed to reinforce theoretical concepts through practical, hands-on experience.

#Activity NameLearning Outcome of the Activity
1Parts of the ComputerLearning to identify and understand the different components of a computer, enhancing hardware knowledge.
2Typing with KeyboardDeveloping typing skills and understanding keyboard functionalities, focusing on interaction with text input devices.
3Playing with MouseLearning precise control and usage of a computer mouse, improving navigation and interaction with graphical user interfaces.
4Colouring AeroplaneEnhancing digital art skills using Tux Paint, focusing on creativity and motor skills in a digital medium.
5Colouring TractorDeveloping digital colouring skills and artistic creativity using Tux Paint, focusing on colour theory and digital tool usage.
6Draw a SceneryLearning to create digital landscapes and scenes using Tux Paint, fostering imagination and digital artistic expression.
7Draw a HouseDeveloping architectural drawing skills in a digital format using Tux Paint, encouraging spatial understanding and creativity.
8My First CodeLearning the basics of coding by creating simple programs in PictoBlox Jr, fostering logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
9Creating a StoryDeveloping storytelling and narrative skills through coding tasks in PictoBlox Jr, enhancing creativity and sequence understanding.
10Moving Sprite AroundLearning to code sprite movements in PictoBlox Jr, introducing basic animation concepts and interactive programming.
11Dancing FishesDeveloping animation skills by coding dancing fishes in PictoBlox Jr, fostering an understanding of motion and sequences in code.
12Controlling Tobi’s HeightLearning to use code to control sprite size, introducing concepts of variables and interactive programming in PictoBlox Jr.
13Ballerina DanceChoreographing a dance sequence through coding in PictoBlox Jr, teaching event-driven programming and creative expression.
14Quarky Traffic LightDeveloping an understanding of robotics and programming integration by simulating a traffic light system using Quarky.
15 & 16Quarky Robot MovesLearning to control the movements of Quarky robot through coding, introducing basic principles of robotics control.
17Face FilterExploring Artificial Intelligence through the creation of a face filter, understanding AI applications in image processing.
18Balloon Popping with HandDeveloping an understanding of AI in recognizing hand gestures, learning about machine learning and its practical applications.

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FAQs on Tech Tinkerer - Class 2 Book

This Tech Tinkerer book is specifically designed for Class 2 students, generally aged 7-8 years. It introduces fundamental concepts in coding, AI, and ICT in an age-appropriate and engaging manner.

The book is authored by a team of experts from STEMpedia, including Pankaj Kumar Verma (IIT Kanpur), Dhrupal R Shah (IIT Kanpur), Khushbu Chauhan, and Devi M. They bring a wealth of knowledge in AI, Robotics, and Computer Technology.

No, the book is structured to start from the basics, making it suitable for beginners with no prior experience in computers or coding.

The content and teaching approach of the book are in line with the National Education Policy 2020, focusing on creativity, critical thinking, and hands-on learning, encouraging students to explore and understand technology innovatively.

The book includes 18 lab activities covering various aspects of ICT, Coding, and AI. These activities are hands-on and interactive, such as creating projects in MS Paint, learning to code with PictoBlox Junior, and exploring basic robotics.

The book introduces PictoBlox Junior for coding exercises and Quarky for robotics. These tools are chosen for their child-friendly interface and educational value.

Absolutely, the book is ideal for classroom use, offering a mix of theoretical and practical elements that can be easily integrated into teaching plans.

Yes, each chapter includes various exercises like multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, and puzzles. There’s also a Capstone Project at the end for a comprehensive assessment.

The book uses engaging activities, easy-to-understand language, and interactive exercises to make learning about technology fun and interesting for young minds.

Quarky is a robotic tool used in various lab activities within the book. It is designed to provide hands-on experience in robotics, helping students understand basic robotic functions and control mechanisms. Through activities involving Quarky, students learn about robotics in an interactive and engaging manner.

PictoBlox is a graphical programming software introduced in the book. It’s used in several lab activities to teach coding and programming concepts. PictoBlox’s user-friendly interface makes it an effective tool for introducing students to programming, allowing them to create animations, games, and more.

The book comes with an answer key for all exercises and a detailed guide for lab activities, making it easier for parents and teachers to guide the students.

Tech Tinkerer ICSE Aligned Books - ICT, Coding, AI and Robotics