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Educating parents & teachers on the importance of experiential learning in nurturing young minds into innovators of tech-tomorrow.

Guide to Using PictoBlox With Micro:bit

Micro:bit, the pocket-sized computer for kids that we’ve grown so fond of, became an instant rage when it was launched. The exciting projects, the opportunity…
Importance of a great teacher

The Importance of a Great Teacher in STEM

What is the importance of a great teacher in life? What qualities do they possess that would make them be called “great”? Read on to find out!

Why Future Jobs Will Not Be What It Is Today

Imagine a world where the future jobs only require you to think creatively and make decisions while robots and AI do the work for you. Is such a future as far away as flying cars? Not really.
Learning AI and ML

5 Reasons Why Learning AI and ML are Important in Early Education

Artificial Intelligence is the fastest-growing technology to have impacted society and technology and it only makes sense that the children have familiarity with it to stay relevant. Learn why it is important for young children to get involved with AI.
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